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001 HoNk [Accidental Video]
[tc] [Gamzee Makara ♑] Am I s'pose to be
[The feed switched on to Gamzee's PCD, after a few moments of static and fumbling around that is. His face slowly came into focus. Gray skin, jaundice looking eyes and what seemed to be clown grease make up. His bushy looking hair obscured the image for a while, as he bent down to pick something up from the floor. It was while raising his head back up that he knocked the PCD out of his hand with one of his goat horns.]

Aw shit!

[He seemed to be in a little bit of a panic? Frantically looking for something and picking up random objects from the floor scattered around him. A few broken juggling clubs, some pie tins with an odd green looking slime in them, not to mention various brightly coloured stuff.]

Man, that motherfucking miracle sure did mess with my thinkpan... I need to get my chill on. This shit is intense.

[Picking up the remains of his broken Miracle Modus which almost startled the life out of him when it exploded upon him trying to use it.]

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Wow, Nepeta sure did call it!

[Gamzee stares text appeared on the screen.]

Hey, I recognize that motherfucking text. Aw shit, gimme a second, let me get my investigate on.

[Fumbling with the PCD, turning the video on and off a few times before he worked out where the text function was.]

HeY sIs :o)
wHeRe AlL aRe YoU uP aNd At?
ThErE aRe SoMe SeRiOuSlY lEgIt MiRaClEs GoInG dOwN oVeR hErE
hOnK HoNk

Oh man, Gamzee going on and on a8out miracles? Stop the fucking presses!!!!!!!!

[... oh yeah, there was that thing people told her about him going crazy when he gets sober, wasn't there]

So do you need sopor slime or what. If you do, I'm going to 8e incredi8ly generous and offer you some! You'll pro8a8ly owe me 8ig-time.

AwE mAn, DiD yOu AlL uP aNd WiTnEsS tHaT mIrAcLe ToO
I aInT eVeR sEeN tHaT sHiT hApPeN bEfOrE :oD

[Wait, hold up, was Vriska offering to bake a pie with him? Sweet. ]

HoNk hOnK
ShIt SiS
It WoUld Be So MoThErFuCkInG wIcKeD tO gEt My BaKe On WiTh YoU

oH, wOW, gAMZEE,

HoNk hOnK :o)
HeY hEy TaVrOs
DiD yOu AlL uP aNd FaLl oUt Of My MoDuS tOo?
MaN tOdAy Is So FuLl Of MoThErFuCkInG mIrAcLeS

aND, uHHH,

WhErE tHe MoThErFuCk Is HeRe :o|
I mEaN, iTs NoT lIkE iM wOrRiEd oR nOtHiNg
Im PrObAbLy WhErE eVeR tHe MoThErFuCk Im SuPpOsE tO bE
AnD iF iM nOt, WeLl ThAtS cOoL tOo BrO
hOnK HoNk

YeA, I aLrEaDy GoT a PeStEr FrOm VrIsKa
ItS sO mOtHeRfUcKiNg SwEeT yOu AlL tUrNiNg uP lIkE tHaT

[He lets out a low whistle.]

That made absolutely no sense.

[It was the whistle that got Gamzee's attention.]

You're telling me! I ain't even seen shit like that go down before.

Yeah, neither have I. Mind explaining it to me?

Explaining what? How my miracle modus all up and got broken? Man, have you no faith? A brother can't just go around trying to motherfucking explain miracles, a motherfucking miracle is a miracle for a reason.

[He'd probably be sorry if he realized that he's not making much sense. But Gamzee is happy to just let unexplained things happen, so long as they don't hurt no on.]

D --> Gamzee
D --> Where are you
D --> This place can be dangerous
D --> Not
D --> To imply you cannot e%actly handle yourself

Is ThAt SoMe MoThErFuCkInG sTrOnG tExT iM aLl Up AnD sEeInG
AwW yEa :o)
hOnK HoNk

SuP eQuIuS, mY bRoNy
MaN, iF i KnEw WhErE i WaS, iT wOuLd Be A mIrAcLe
BuT i dOnT, bUt Im CoOl WiTh It

WhAtS alL tHiS aBoUt DaNgEr BrO
iTs JusT mE oUt HeRe AlOne

D --> Now is not the time Gamzee
D --> I will entertain your 100dicrous shenaniganry later
D --> I think I have an idea where you are
D --> I saw Vriska's

D --> Display
D --> I will be by shortly

NoT ThE TiMe fOr wHaT BrO
AlRiGhT RiGhT MoThErFuCkEr i hEaR YoU
wE CaN GeT OuR ChIlL On tOgEtHeR LaTeR BrO, iTs cOoL
I ThOuGhT I WaS In tHe vAiL, bUt i gUeSs mOtHeRfUcKiNg nOt

UhUhUhUhUhU YoU SaW ThAt

WaIt bRo
YoUr nOt gOiNg uP AnD BrInG YoUr bUcKeT WiTh yOu tOo aRe yOu
I DoNt kNoW If i cOuLd mOtHeRfUcKiNg hAnDlE ThAt sHiT

D --> What
D --> Certainly not
D --> Disgusting
D --> Just try not to harm yourself until I arrive

[Oh gog, ALL THE FEELINGS, the last time she saw him he was busy killing her moirail in front of her. But now he seems like the old Gamzee she knew and liked, and she knows how this place likes messing with time...

...so that settles it, she has to make sure that what happened back there never happens again, for everyone's sake. At least she sees Vriska is on top of supplying him with slime. And is busy ignoring that receptacle.]

HeY hEy NePeTa, My FeLiNe FrIeNd
:o) hOnK HoNk

WhErE aRe YoU aLl Up AnD hIdiNg At SiS
iMa TiCkLe Ya If I fInd YoU

[Yea, the last thing Gamzee remembers was attempting to troll a certain Dave Strider... He's not exactly at breaking point, but he's already having some conflicting feelings. Its probably better for everytroll to keep him stoned like this.]

:33 < h33h33 hi!
:33 < *ac purrrrs in welcome at tc!*

:33 < no no im not going to tell you you have to find me on your own!
:33 < but you wont beclaws im the bestest at hiding XPP

[here Gamzee have a nice big ablution trap full of sopor to swim in...]

[...Just have a whole lot of staring for a moment, you look so strange to him]

You have grey skin.

[...And that is apparently all he has to say on this whole incident.]

[You look pretty strange to Gamzee too kid.]

Yea, I'm grey alright.. though, you don't seem to have all that much colour about you too bro.

[That's cool, Gamzee doesn't mind.]

[All the strangeness, all the time.]

I have pale skin, yes.

...I am not your brother, though.

[You have no idea.]

Sure you are bro, all us motherfucking trolls have our relate on, its what the mothergrub is there for.

[He smiles, holds up a bike horn and honks it at the scree to you.]

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