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002 HoNk [Video]
[tc] [Gamzee Makara ♑] Slam some
[Well.. this was a strange video. It seemed to be various crushed cans, broken vases and other rubble, all gathered around and set up in a perimeter that circled a make shift tent.

This tent was as colourful as could be! Messy paint in all the colours of the rainbow. No, this was not the mayor of can town's city hall, this was Gamzee's little hide out - though, making it in what looked like a junk yard was possibly not the best idea.

After a moment of nothing but silence and stillness, the troll emerged from the tent.]

Ta motherfucking dah!

[Honking a bike horn and grinning wildly, there Gamzee stood, looking rather pleased with himself.]

Welcome to the motherfucking carnival brothers and sisters! I'd give you the grand motherfucking tour, but I'm not gonna.

[Grinning that smile full of razor sharp teeth and sitting down on the dirt ground beside a long meandering puddle.]

Can't seem to see any motherfucking sea dwellers wanting to get their hive up and on in that motherfucking shit, that is some sad motherfucking excuse for a sea man, so not cool. Hello my fishy bros, can you all up and hear me in there?

[And this was the part where Gamzee doubled over, staring into the puddle and zoning out.]

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Might want to work on the vocabulary there a bit. Seems repetitive to me.

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Its does? Well shit motherfucker thanks for motherfucking letting me know honk honk.

[Arthur just shakes his head]

I'm just saying.

I like the colors! Got any paint left over?

Its motherfucking beautiful huh bro? Well shit, sure I got some paint left uhh.. some-motherfucking-where.

Not bad, not bad at all. [Always nice to see someone getting into self-expression... shame about the baked brain, though.]

Ya ever dig it up, give me a ring - Sanae Hanekoma. Been huntin' for some decent art supplies.

[Believe me, Gamzee was a nicer troll when he was as baked as he is now.]

Sana-eee Hane-ko-maaa? Whoa bro your name is so motherfucking legit

Hahahahaha. You are so stupid!!!!!!!!

HeY HeY SiS :o)
HoW'D YoU LiKe mY MoThErFuCkInG HiVe
HoNk hOnK

WeLl tHaT CoOl, Im cHiLl wItH YoU BeInG BeTtEr tHeN Me
So lOnG As yOuR NoT MoThErFuCkInG HuRtInG No oNe


[looks from side to side at the colors on the wall...which make him cringe.]

Is that...uh, is that blood?

Best motherfucking bro! Man am I glad to all up and see you! Honk honk!

[Gamzee just smiled, wide and razor sharp.]

Well... some of it is and some of it motherfucking isn't.

[Its not what you think!! DON'T panic!]

[Not panicking is out of the question--if some of it isn't blood, then what the fucking fuck is it, and where the fucking fuck are they, and who the fucking fuck has Gamzee killed this time and--]

Where did you put the bodies?

Hi again, Gamzee!! Is that your new hive? I like it! But I thought you were coming to stay with us?? It looks a little bit cold ofur there...but I could bring you some furs and blankets purrhaps, if you wanted to stay there!

Hey hey Nepeta! Yes, this is my hive, its kinda motherfucking small and cold as shit, but its nice enough for a lone troll.

[You know what, he totally forgot he was suppose to be moving anywhere! Do: ]

Aw shit! Shit sis it must have got its wriggle on and sliped the motherfuck outta my thinkpan!

[Is she going to have to fuss over him to make sure he's okay?? Because she so will.]

It's furry furry nice! But purrhaps since it's this cold you can stay with us fur a little bit and then me and Equius and Tavros will all help you find a warmer bigger hive! And we'll decorate it together too!

[Of course he'd be welcome to just stay with them permanently too but she's thinking he might want his own space.]

[Its probably for the best, though he just wants to play and mess about when he's with Nepeta, so her fussing is only going to be seen as a game to him.]

Hmm a warmer, bigger motherfucking hive? Alright sis! Sounds like a wicked plan!

[...If Gamzee stayed with everyone permanently it would be a mad house. Tickle fights, hide and seek, Fiduspawn till unholy hours of the morning, sweaty wet towels all over the place, not to mention the worst Alternian slam poetry in of all time!]

That, uh... doesn't look too comfortable.

Aw its cool bro, I don't motherfucking mind. Though... is kinda motherfucking cold bro.

video; (fuuuu /late forever)

You could always come and, uh... pitch your tent, at our hive? It would be, a lot warmer, and more comfortable?

Why do you swear all the time?

Hmm... well...

[He thinks long and hard about it.]

I guess, I was just never taught how to motherfucking talk like a gentle troll, bro.

It doesn't make you very friendly.

[Oh that upset him a little bit. Gamzee was actually one of the more friendly kind of trolls from his race.]

I doesn't? Well shit motherfucker, what do you all up and suggest I do about? I'm all about spreading the friendship like the ill it is!

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