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002 HoNk [Video]

[Well.. this was a strange video. It seemed to be various crushed cans, broken vases and other rubble, all gathered around and set up in a perimeter that circled a make shift tent.

This tent was as colourful as could be! Messy paint in all the colours of the rainbow. No, this was not the mayor of can town's city hall, this was Gamzee's little hide out - though, making it in what looked like a junk yard was possibly not the best idea.

After a moment of nothing but silence and stillness, the troll emerged from the tent.]

Ta motherfucking dah!

[Honking a bike horn and grinning wildly, there Gamzee stood, looking rather pleased with himself.]

Welcome to the motherfucking carnival brothers and sisters! I'd give you the grand motherfucking tour, but I'm not gonna.

[Grinning that smile full of razor sharp teeth and sitting down on the dirt ground beside a long meandering puddle.]

Can't seem to see any motherfucking sea dwellers wanting to get their hive up and on in that motherfucking shit, that is some sad motherfucking excuse for a sea man, so not cool. Hello my fishy bros, can you all up and hear me in there?

[And this was the part where Gamzee doubled over, staring into the puddle and zoning out.]
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001 HoNk [Accidental Video]

[The feed switched on to Gamzee's PCD, after a few moments of static and fumbling around that is. His face slowly came into focus. Gray skin, jaundice looking eyes and what seemed to be clown grease make up. His bushy looking hair obscured the image for a while, as he bent down to pick something up from the floor. It was while raising his head back up that he knocked the PCD out of his hand with one of his goat horns.]

Aw shit!

[He seemed to be in a little bit of a panic? Frantically looking for something and picking up random objects from the floor scattered around him. A few broken juggling clubs, some pie tins with an odd green looking slime in them, not to mention various brightly coloured stuff.]

Man, that motherfucking miracle sure did mess with my thinkpan... I need to get my chill on. This shit is intense.

[Picking up the remains of his broken Miracle Modus which almost startled the life out of him when it exploded upon him trying to use it.]
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