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OOC: Application / Information post
[terminallyCapricious] [Gamzee Makara ♑]
Application - Canon

Name/Nickname: Jac / Jakkun
Age: Just turned 24 \o\
Journal: his_silhouette
AIM & PLURK: Biteyou2death & Plurk
Email: giantfishinabearsuit[at]yahoo[dot]com


Character Name: Gamzee makara.
Canon: MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck.
Point taken from canon: Just before Dave Strider shows Gamzee an ICP music video that causes a crisis of faith.

Age: Six solar sweeps, which is about thirteen years old in earth time.
Gender: Male troll.

Appearance: (top: Canon. bottom: Fanart.)


Background: Gamzee: Homestuck Wiki

[ terminallyCapricious] The Bard Of Rage
Gamzee's introduction page gives a short systematic list of his character in a nutshell at the start of the game. From this small bit of information it is obvious that Gamzee is different from the other trolls from the get go. He comes across as laid back, caring and not taking anything all too much to heart. He does things he's not suppose to, but he's not harming anyone else in the process, so all is well as far as everyone else is concerned for the time being.

Gamzee happens to share a few traits that are symbolic to the horoscope sign of Capricorn, the sign that he wears on his t-shirt as well as the relation to the shape of his horns. An important factor in Gamzee's personality, as well as the Capricorn sign, is that he seems to have a split in it. He is patient and reserved for the most part, but on the other side of the spectrum, he can be seen to be pessimistic, fatalistic, miserly and grudging. He acts patient and reserved when he consumes a certain substance, where as without this substance he shows dramatic changes in the way he thinks and acts. The substance is a green slime called, sopor slime.

Sopor is a seriously strong sedative that trolls sleep in to help keep away the blood and carnage of dark and horrifying nightmares which haunt the troll race when sleeping. This slime has a drastic effect on Gamzee. He's become addicted to it and displays symptoms of being high or stoned as a result. While stoned, Gamzee is a darling, he's kind and caring, he'd gladly listen to all of your problems and troubles, though he can't promise to remember what you're talking about, as side effects from eating the slime tend to make Gamzee zone out from time to time.

Gamzee seems to be somewhat uneducated in certain areas, this could be explained easily by the fact that his guardian was hardly ever at home with him, leaving Gamzee to grow independent and strong all by himself. This isn't so much of a bad thing actually, as Gamzee ends up becoming calm and resourceful in his parents absence, fending for himself as he grows up.

It must have been hard, being Gamzee as a wriggler (infant). Not only did his Lusus shirk most of his custodian duties towards the troll, but he lived in a house by the edge of the shore. It might not seem like the worst thing in the world, but to a land dwelling troll, living on the beach was constant tension. The sea dwelling trolls were the royalty of Alternia, with the highest rank on the hemospectrum, their worlds version of a caste system. The colour of a trolls blood directly affects their class, with the purple colours being at the top of the scale, such as the upper class, where as the red colours were the lower end of the scale, such as peasants, everything else inbetween from brown to blue simply gets higher and higher until you reach Gamzee, the only land dwelling troll of such a high bloodline.

Its also kind of interesting that Gamzee lives on the cusp of shore and the fact his Lusus is a sea goat, both something that can be in the water as well as upon land.  Living on the beach, Gamzee encounters another troll, 'The Prince Of All Hope' an overbearing, obnoxious and annoying royal sea dweller, some one whom has culled a lot of the beasts in his sea. Gamzee would rather ignore him and actually talks to him in what is seen to be a pretty rude manner, using lewd language and showing complete disrespect for the hemospectrum. Having no respect for the rules of caste, Gamzee doesn't care what colour a trolls blood is, so long as they were 'doing what makes them happy'.

What makes Gamzee happy the most, is anything to do with clowns, in fact, Gamzee is so obsessed with clowns that he joins an occult religion, lead by two band members who resemble a rap duo called Insane Clown Posse. Because of this religion, Gamzee is seen to collect clown related possessions such as, juggling clubs, joker cards, pie tins, a unicycle and bike horns, he also paints his face in clown greasepaint. The beliefs Gamzee follows helps shape him into the troll he will become.

Just like his ancestors before him, Gamzee is of a bloodline belonging to a type of troll called the Subjuggalators. The Subjuggalators are the strongest, most feared and most unstable of mind when it comes to trolls, the simple fact that Gamzee is for the most part high on sopor slime, keeps his violent side dormant. An interesting fact is that the sopor slime which is used to keep trolls from suffering nightmares, is actually in effect suppressing Gamzee's heritage power and birthright. As a Subjuggalator the power to inflict the most terrifying fear via nightmares and planting phobias straight into their victims minds, is their selling point. When Gamzee finally sobers up from consuming the slime, that is when he realizes his path in life, what he was put there to do ... Kill

Going back to Gamzee's beliefs for a moment, one of the prophecies believed by the clown religion, is that one day the Mirthful Messiahs will emerge to usher souls into the 'Dark Carnival' Gamzee reasons that he himself is in fact both of these, from the fact that he hears two voices in his head most of the time. A whispering calm voice and a shouting voice that swears more than he normally does.

Abilities/Strengths: Rage: Gamzee is potentially the strongest and most violent of the twelve trolls. 
DID: He suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. One personality is calm and hushed where as the other is loud, insulting and vicious. A dangerous mix as the calm side of him is also psychotic.
Strife Specibus: Basically the weapons he can wield. It was once Clubkind but is now Jokerkind, meaning he can wield a wide variety of weapons with emense skill. Suck weapons as clubkind, bowkind, hammerkind, sicklekind and whipkind.
Miracle Modus: Basically his inventory. Gamzee can reach into it and have the ability to take from it whatever he touches.

Weaknesses: Kick him in the bone bulge (between the legs in his shame glands!) Seriously! As far as a physical attack would go, this is the only way you're bringing him down.  Also his mental state is a weakness, being an addict and also insane is never something to add to your list of positives.

Defining Quote(s): [Stoned Quote] 
kNoWiNg ShIt JuSt StEaLs Up AlL tHe FuCkIn MaGiC fRoM mY mIrAcLeS lIkE a MoThErFuCkIn ThIeF

[Sober Quote]

Other:  Its important to mention that when writing, Gamzee has a typing quirk. He regulates between lowercase and capitals, apart from when he's sober, that is when he writes one line in lowercase and the second line in capitals, also he always uses a purple font. He often types the work 'Honk' and uses a smiley that resembles a clown. for example:
HoNk hOnk :o) ThIs Is HoW gAmZeE's TeXt PoSt WoUlD lOoK. 

Action Writing Sample:

[Text Post] [ terminallyCapricious] TC Begin trolling (open pesterlog)
> Gamzee: Eat pie and forget to introduce yourself ====>
You are high on sopor slime pies yeah. Instead of introducing yourself, you ramble and bumble as expected from a troll as wasted as you.

HoNk hOnK :o)
aWe ShIt mOthErFuCkEr, DiD I aLl Up AnD zOnE oUt?
HoW tHe FuCk DiD mY bAd SeLf EnD uP hErE? ThIs DoEsN't LoOk LiKe ThE VeIl...

ItS a MoThErFuCkIn MiRaClE, eNdIn AlL uP iN tHiS nEw SeSsIoN lIkE tHiS.
ItS cOoL tHouGh, Im ChIlL wItH iT
hOnK HoNk
GeTtIn LoSt iS jUsT aNoThEr MiRaCuLoUs WaY oF MeEtIn MoRe BrOs
SpReAdIn ThE mOtHeRfUcKin FrIeNdShIp DiSeAsE
yEe :o)

AnY tRoLlS oUt ThErE? 
heY mY bRoTheRs AnD sIsTerS gEt YoUr BiTcHtItS uP aNd oN
I gOt AlL tHe MoThErFuCkIn WiCkEd ElIxIr To ShArE
AwE mAn AlL i NeEd iS a StRiCt BeAt AnD sOmEoNe To RaP wIth
hOnK HoNk :o)

iTs AlL kInDs Of LoNeLy OuT hErE
lOnElY eNoUgHt To MeSs WiTh A tRoLlS tHiNkPan
hUuUuUh :o(

> Gamzee: Be that lonely clown ====>
You become depressed... for all of six minutes. You zoned out watching a Ladybug on the wall, which clearly improved your mood. Bugs are just awesome like that, such bros.

AwE hEy My CrEePy CrAwLiN bRo
YoU aRe AlL kINdS oF fUcKiN mAgIcAl
sHit, LoOk At AlL yOuR mOthErFuCkIn SpOtS ArE yOu A cLoWn ToO?
ThAt ShIt Is So LeGiT
mAn yOu ArE oNe MoThErFuCkIn SwEeT ClOwN :o)
hOnK HoNk

HeY wHeRe ArE yOu GoIn?
GeTtIn YoUr MaJeStIc ClOwN cRaWl oN lIkE tHaT
yOu WaNnA fAyGo Is ThAt It?
WeLl ShIt, LeT mE sOrT yOu OuT bUgBrO

> Gamzee: Slam a cold one with your new friend ====>
You open a bottle of faygo. One swig for you before you tip some of the wicked elixir on your new friend, unfortunately the clown bug can't handle the soda like you can. As a result you just killed your first friend. You don't seem to realize this though, so its all good. Instead, you copy the bug by laying on your back with your arms and legs in the air.

HoNk hOnk
aWe ShIt Bro YoU aLl Up AnD gOt YoUr ReLaX oN
I fEeL iT tOo MoThErFuCkEr

Third Person Writing Sample: 

Eye lashes were damp, clammy from the moisture in the air when Gamzee finally peeled his eyes open. The putrid glow of sopor slime green illuminated the bath tub the young troll had taken to sleeping in, it was the closest thing to the recuperacoon he was used to sleeping in back in Alternia. Rubbing wet hands over the back of his neck to sooth it as he stretched out a little working the kinks out of it from having slept in such an awkward position. Between Gamzee's body heat and the pre-warmed tub, the troll managed to stay comfortable throughout the majority of the night.

Had he even been to sleep at all? He couldn't remember dreaming, but then again he couldn't recall much of anything, what with all the sopor slime he'd consumed over the last few days. Maybe it was time to take that shit easy, after all it wasn't as if he had an endless supply of the stuff. What would he do when it finally ran out, would more just magically appear? That sure would strengthen his belief in miracles if that were the case. Gamzee didn't want to make his think pan heavy with such thoughts, not when there were more important issues at hand, such as what flavour faygo he was going to grace his taste buds with?

"Aw man, this has got to be the motherfuckin' most distressin' situation a brother could find his ass in. Man this blows, so not cool. I can't be all up and makin' a choice like this. If I pick the grape, that will just be leavin' the others the fuck out.. and that's not a cool move bro. I got to get my motherfuckin' decision makin' swag on."

After a long while of mild frustration and discomfort, Gamzee decided upon drinking all, or as many of the bottles of faygo that he could. There were still a few he had messily left scattered around on the floor, the survivors he would save for later on. With one hand clasping and rubbing his pale grey skinned belly, Gamzee grumbled from the sensation of fizzy soda bubbles abusing his empty stomach with gas. "I all up and hear you my wicked elixir, but you got to chill your bubble talk the fuck down, I can't make out a motherfuckin' word you're sayin'." 

Dragging his feet around over the floor, smearing sopor slime behind him in his wake, the goo was thick and made a neon mess where it fell. Sliding and dribbling down his naked flesh, Gamzee let the stuff make its own way off of his body, he wasn't going to rush it, it was left to take its time. Once he had drip dried it was time to get dressed. His appearance was something the troll was actually rather proud of. He donned a pair of baggy clown pants and black T-shirt, careful not to smear any white clown greasepaint on the collar while pulling it on over his bushy mess of hair. Snagging the fabric on one of his goat horns made the troll stumble in his step, standing directly over a stray bike horn.

The honk was loud, startling and fast, causing Gamzee to fall flat on his ass. " Whoa shit motherfucker!" Well, if he hadn't been quite awake before, he sure was now. Sitting there with a startled expression painted over his face before letting himself flop back into the floor, laughing at his own clumsy feet.

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